Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus


Be the first to change your entire mobile experience with Galaxy 5G. Download a whole season of your favorite show in seconds. Enjoy incredible 5G multi angle live, 5G FHD Video Calls and 5G Mobile Cloud gaming with ultra low latency. 5G is happening now and Samsung is pioneering the way in 5G technology across the world, so with Samsung Galaxy you are truly set for the next decade of innovation. Top Mobile Phone this year 2020

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The IT World remains in a state of constant upgrade. Now, as an IT professional it is almost like a survival tactic to keep yourself updated with the ever evolving technologies as well as the market trends. You may see some of the emerging technologies in the current era.

Cognitive Cloud Computing

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What is a 5G network?


5G network is the fifth generation of wireless communication technologies supporting mobile networks. It is a software defined network, However it won’t replace the use of cable entirely yet could replace the need for them by largely operating on the cloud instead. This means it will have a 100x better capacity than 4G which will dramatically improve internet speeds.


What is the difference of 5G compared to older generations?



2G 3G 3G HSPA+ 4G 4G LTE-a 5G

Max speed

0.3Mbps 7.2Mbps 42Mbps 150Mbps 300Mbps-1Gbps


Average speed

0.1Mbps 1.5Mbps 5Mbps 10Mbps 15Mbps-50Mbps

50Mbps and up









What are the benefits of using 5G network?


Massive machine to machine communications – also called the Internet of Things (IoT) that involves connecting billions of devices without human intervention at a scale not seen before.   This has the potential to revolutionize modern industrial processes and applications including agriculture, manufacturing and business communications.    

Ultra-reliable low latency communications – mission critical including real-time control of devices, industrial robotics, vehicle to vehicle communications and safety systems, autonomous driving and safer transport networks.   Low latency communications also opens up a new world where remote medical care, procedures, and treatment are all possible

Enhanced mobile broadband – providing significantly faster data speeds and greater capacity keeping the world connected.  New applications will include fixed wireless internet access for homes, outdoor broadcast applications without the need for broadcast vans, and greater connectivity for people on the move.


5G will also provide a much more personalized web experience using a technique called network slicing. It’s a way of creating separate wireless networks on the cloud, allowing users to create their own bespoke network. For instance, an online gamer needs faster response times and greater data capacity than a user just wants to check their social media. Being able to personalize the internet will also benefit businesses.


Is 5G network already available?

Most countries have already started 5G network with limited access and continuous on developing the technology.


USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, South Korea, Japan, China, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, Iran, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tunisia, Kenya, Norway, Germany, CZECH REPUBLIC, UNITED KINGDOM, ITALY, SWITZERLAND, SPAIN, AUSTRIA, FINLAND, RUSSIA, LUXEMBOURG, SLOVAKIA, IRELAND, FAROE ISLANDS, CHANNEL ISLANDS, BELARUS, ROMANIA, HUNGARY, CROATIA, SWEDEN, POLAND, PORTUGAL, FRANCE, LATVIA, DENMARK, AZERBAIJAN, ICELAND, THE NETHERLANDS, MONACO, BELGIUM, MALTA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, GUAM


Yet it’s estimated that even by 2025, the network will still lag behind but 4G and 3G in terms of global mobile connections. Its mainstream existence faces multiple hurdles. The most significant of these of course is cost. According to some experts, 5G could cause network operators to tear up their current business models for it to make business sense. 3G and 4G networks were relatively cheap to set up because they were able to roll out on existing frequencies, on the country’s radio spectrum because they were able to roll out on existing frequencies, on the country’s radio spectrum. For 5G to work properly however, it needs a frequency with much bigger bandwidth which would require brand new infrastructure. Some analysts believe that the extensive building and running cost will force operators to share the use and management of the mobile network. 


5G network in terms of safety


Comprehensive international guidelines exist governing exposure to radio waves including the frequencies proposed for 5G network. The limits have been established by independent scientific organizations, such as the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), and include substantial margins of safety to protect all people against all established hazards. These guidelines have been widely adopted in standards around the world, and are endorsed by the World Health Organization.