Sugary Drinks

These drinks deliver high fructose corn syrup that will stimulate the production of uric acid. A study shows that people who consume a lot of fructose get a higher risk of having gout. Quit soft drinks, canned juices in order to maintain normal uric acid level.

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Alcohol and Disinfectant Alternatives

          Due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus COVID- 19 people are rushing to buy hand sanitizers and rubbing alcohol and some have even taken an advantage to buy in bulk quantity and reselling it at a higher price. As you visit any groceries and supermarket stores, you will be able to see the shelves for hand sanitizers and alcohol are almost empty and even if you have found some, you will be surprised by the price which has almost doubled from before. This has caused worries to other people as they have to plan their budget to fit their family basic needs to survive the current situation.
         To lessen your worries this is some alcohol and disinfectant alternatives solution that is already available in your home and you may share it to your friends and other people and why not? Simple sharing of your knowledge might save others lives.

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Why we need Community Quarantine?

As we check everywhere in the world, on the internet, television, radio station. The most common words we will hear is COVID- 19. This pandemic virus has really imposed fear on everyone, as we can see that it has infected a lot of people in the world in each country. All the affected countries are trying it’s best to stop the spread of the pandemic COVID- 19. So what could we really do to stop this pandemic virus. For all we know that this is a novel virus and currently there is no medicine available for the cure of this disease. However the spread can be prevented. We just need the proper information and be educated on how the virus behaves.

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Food Supplies in Metro Manila

Food and other basic necessities are allowed to enter Metro Manila despite the community quarantine so there is no reason for everyone to go on panic buying. Most of the food suppliers and vendors in Metro Manila are worried due to the whole region is being closed under community quarantine, however the Department of Trade in Industry has mentioned that the food and non-food goods will still not be affected because it was only the peoples movement will be restricted during the quarantine period. The Department of Trade and Industry was already formulating a guidelines for the delivery on how to load and unload the items from suppliers up to the marketplace. For now you can expect the free movement supplies and services coming from outside the region they will try to review if it is necessary to issue a delivery pass. They have implemented that the people from the market who were expecting the delivery will also be the one who should unload the goods to prevent any direct contact.
In Italy, where there is a nation wide lock down, they have decided to close the mall and restaurants and the only store that will be available for the public are the groceries and pharmacies. In Wuhan China which is known to be the epicenter of COVID- 19, food delivery services are more in demand. In Hubei Province the eCommerce companies are receiving more than twenty two thousand orders each day.
The Philippines Department of Agriculture has assured even if Metro Manila on Community Quarantine that there is enough food supplies in the region. “Our country confronts the COVID- 19 pandemic we at the Department of Agriculture we will make sure that there is sufficient and continuous supplies of basic necessities” Sec. William Dar (Department of Agriculture).
The Department has also built a Food Resiliency Action Plan – The strategic positioning and efficient distribution of basic food commodities, including the suggested retail price, so there is it is not necessary for the consumers to go on panic buying. They have also asked the traders not to disrupt the supplies don’t not take advantage of the current situation.

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It has been officially declared by the World Health Organization that COVID- 19 is already a pandemic disease. It has been said that “pandemic is not a word that has to be used lightly or carelessly, it’s a word that if misused it can cause unreasonable fear or unjustified acceptance that the fight is over leading to unnecessary suffering and death.” – Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu (WHO Director General). It has been expected that the number of cases of COVID- 19 will increase more around the globe. Currently there are already 124,519 cases that cause 4,607 deaths in 118 countries. Including the first FIlipino who died in COVID- 19 he is a 67-year-old female who was confined in Manila Doctors Hospital with no travel history. She is a wife of a resource person who went to the senate. Some of the senators had already self quarantined due to this; the senate was under restricted access due to infection. As part of precautionary measures some government officials are already on self quarantine as there was a possibility that they have been in direct contact with an infected person and have a travel history outside the country. For the meantime it has been reported a first case in Mindanao who was a 54-year-old Male and was confined at Northern MIndanao Medical Center in Cagayan De Oro City. The first COVID- 19 case in Visayas was in critical condition. He is a 67-years-old male a councilor of Tayasan and was confined at Silliman University Medical Center in Dumaguete City after attending a convention in Metro Manila. There are already two reported cases who have died of COVID- 19 in the country.

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There are already 20 recorded cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines. The local transmission has also been confirmed due to some of them have no travel history abroad. The first three cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines are tourists from Wuhan China. On Friday and Saturday there are three Filipinos who have also been positive in Covid-19, making them the fourth, fifth and sixth cases in the country.   In addition to their travel history and health condition the Department of health did not share further details of the patients in accordance with health and privacy code. But the patient’s employer, hospital and their community have issued its own several statements. It has known that the patient is working in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig  is the fourth case  and the fifth case was announced earlier that it would  often visit a prayer room in Greenhills  while his wife was the sixth case and they were both residents of Cainta Rizal.

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Two Filipinos have recently confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country and one of them has no travel history abroad.



Previous cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines

1st case:

38-year-old Chinese female from Wuhan

San Lazaro Hospital (recovered, returned to China)

2nd case:

44-year-old Chinese Male from Wuhan

San Lazaro Hospital (1st death)

3rd case:

60-year-old Chinese female from Wuhan

Bohol (recovered, returned to China)