About yourinfolist

What is yourinfolist?

yourinfolist is a blog site which has started on March 7, 2020. My desire to create a blog site inspires me due to many reasons. One of it is that I would like to challenge myself if I would be able to start a blog and keep it on a long run.

first when you think of it. It was so easy like, ok. everybody was able to do it and why can’t I? over thousand of bloggers around the globe have already started. Then it came into my urge to try it.


Actually I have done some web research on how to start a blog and have tried so many options before on blogging but it was not successful enough. Until I realize that it was actually not that easy what I was thinking. 

How yourinfolist came out?

About yourinfolist on how it came out. ok here it is… so I decided to make a blog site. So I have to think of a good domain name. I have came to a point like every time each day I was just keep on thinking what would be a good domain name? Done some web search again and have tried some website who’s offering a free domain name generator. However nothing has seems to be good for me. Then I what would be the purpose of my blog? So I want to share some information on what ever I get or what ever I experience and share all of them to everyone. So this site name came in to me. You as my my audience in my blog site… I would like to share all the list information I know and post it here on my blog site. Then yourinfolist came out.


Who is the author of yourinfolist?

The author is a 30-ish-year-old man working in abroad as an Overseas Filipino Worker. A husband and a father. My dream was to be a good husband to my wife and a perfect father to my son. To be a provider and a cheerful giver. I know everyone has its own challenges in life but I hope to became God’s instrument to help hose who are in need. I’m will try to be strong and keep my faith high to attain the dreams for my family and the people who believes in me.

What is yourinfolist goal?

yourinfolist list goal is to share to you all the possible information that may help you to be more aware of everything. The goal is to feed your mind of information that you may be able to use in your daily life. Making you more confident as we know the more you know the more confident and competitive you will be.